Window Seat

2018, Acrylic on wood, 72 x 48 in.

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T Autumn Mae

Break on Through

2018, Montana gold and posca acrylic, 72 x 48 x 6 in.



2018, Montana 94 and posca acrylic, 72 x 48 x 0.5 in.


West St.

2019, Montana gold and oil pastel, 36 x 12 in. x 1.5 in.


Veteran Pie

2019, Montana gold, posca acrylic, soft pan pastel, 72 x 108 x 1.5 in.

About the Artist

Thedocia Mae Crocker is the owner and operator of an Austin based mixed media, multi dimensional artisan company focused on changing the constraints of humanity. She has earned seven national certifications in fields ranging from Code Welding, Non-Destructive testing, Code Inspection, to Sculptural Welding, Art Welding and Metalsmithing. She attained an Associates of Welding Technology in the Specialization of Art Metals before receiving a Bachelors of Arts from UT with a Major in Anthropology and Art History. Her art reaches communities whose second order desires can be reflected through her specialization in utilitarian glass, metal, digital photography, fine art, urban art, and reclaimed art. She is a longterm member of AWS and ASNT, Boss Babes and the National Women's Business Owner Association.

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