Umasi Chair IX (subtitled Mobius Band)

2008, Mdf, baltic birch, telephone pole, steel, 31 x 36 x 30 in.

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Umasi Chair III (subtitled Orange You Ready To Sit Down?)

2006, Black walnut, baltic birch, 28 x 32 x 26 in.


Umasi Chair IV (subtitled Portrait of Florence Pierce)

2006, Mdf, baltic birch, antique longleaf pine, 30 x 28 x 26 in.


Umasi Bench III

2008, Antique longleaf pine, steel, 24 x 66 in. x 13 in.


Umasi Table XII (subtitled Have Another?)

2010, Mdf, steel, aluminum, 21 x 13 x 15 in.

About the Artist

Wells Mason is an American designer and sculptor. He has exhibited his art in galleries and museums around the country including the Jones Center for Contemporary Art in Austin, the Wright Gallery at Texas A&M University in College Station, the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, and the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. His studio furniture has been featured in countless regional, national, and international publications, from Luxe to Architectural Digest to Fine Furnishings International to Forbes. He is also a community activist with a history of impossible-sounding projects. For his most recent project, for instance, he challenged architects from around the world to imagine a post-pandemic civilization. When he's not working at his studio, he's either playing with his kids or he's thinking about design. Or he's disrupting something.

Artist Statement
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