True East

2019, Coreten steel, recycled stainless steel, 16 x 7 x 7 ft.

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2020, Mustang grapevine, plastic tree flagging tape, 144 x 240 in. x 72 in.


The Glorietta

2016, 264-18' tall dead lodgepole pine trees, 360 x 360 x 168 in.

About the Artist

I was raised in the mountains of Colorado by a family of scientists and artists who valued both intellect and imagination. I studied English and art in college but ended up with an English Degree, presuming I'd never get a job with an art degree. I didn't see the joke in that for a long time. I waited tables, sold shoes, antiques and ethical soap until I wrangled my way into the film business, desperate for creative fulfillment. That led to the much more civilized world of advertising photography where I worked for 16 years as a prop and food stylist.

Food styling is a form of sculpting which requires problem-solving skills and strong sense of composition and design. I've transferred those talents into building 3-dimensional artworks made from natural and industrial materials.

These days I'm also finding a kind of contentment in making art that doesn't take up space, which instead resides in the ethereal realm. With digital photography, the artistic experience is in the moment, not the process and result. This idea reflects the way I strive to live my life, absorbing moments and not fixating on getting somewhere else.

Artist Statement
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