The Messenger

2018, Fabric on frame, 60 x 50 in.

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Cold Mist

2018, Fabric, thread, fiber and paint, 24 x 30 in.


The Knot

2019, Fabric and thread on vinyl backing, 15 x 15 in.



2018, Fabric and yarn on frame, 16 x 30 in.


At Twilight

2020, Fabric and thread on frame, 29 x 18 in.

About the Artist

Jess Bee is a mixed-media artist who works primarily in fiber arts. In her fabric collages she creates vivid worlds rich with texture and depth that explore dreams, fears, and anxieties while walking the line between hauntingly dark and playful. Using repurposed fabric scraps, Bee borrows from textiles' rich history of cultural meaning and puts it into new contexts, highlighting the viewers' relationship to this everyday material.

Artist Statement
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