The Flowers Must All Fade And The Fruits Must Decay

2019, Found frame and paper, graphite, elmer's glue, 23.5 x 28.25 in.

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You Can Not Go Back To Yesterday

2019, Found frame and paper, cotton thread, masking tape, 17.5 x 13.5 in.


Everything Is Ok

2019, Found frames and paper, graphite, acrylic paint, cotton thread, 43 x 35 in.


All We Really Have Are Memories

2019, Found frame and paper, graphite, cotton thread, 13.75 x 17.25 in.


I Think About You More Often Than I Would Like To

2019, Found frame and paper, graphite, cotton thread, scotch tape, 25 x 16 in.

About the Artist

Dan Barry grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin. At a young age he began creating artworks from collected images and found objects, painting, drawing and wood carving. Dan graduated from Lawrence University in 1994, where he primarily studied cultural anthropology and fine art. After briefly attending graduate school, Dan decided that he would learn more by immersing himself in his art. He continued creating while holding the proverbial day job to pay the bills and gain access to health insurance. A little over 5 years ago, Dan quit his 20+ year career in the corporate world to devote as much time as possible to creating art.

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