The Anointed One

2017, Oil on panel, 48 x 67 in.

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2017, Oil and acid free paper on panel, 96 x 48 in.


The New York Times: Party Dress

2017, Oil and acid free paper on panel, 80 x 57 in.


The New York Times

2017, Oil and acid free paper on panel, 80 x 59 in.


Mikhailov's Deposition

2019, Oil and canvas on panel, 57 x 43 in.

About the Artist

Brandon Campos is a local Austin painter. After graduating high school he began an apprenticeship with artist Edward Povey, whose work is been followed by the BBC, has been in galleries in over 10 countries, including New York, London, and recently Los Angeles. He was Edward's Protégé for 5 years, learning skills that took decades to learn; drawing, painting, mural design, business, history, theory, and much more. During his training he began developing several collections, exploring style, and ways of making figurative paintings. Brandon then started painting commissions, exhibiting paintings, and making murals around Austin, starting with a mural at the restaurant Pieous towards dripping springs, and recently was in a group show with his wife Andrea Harper in the gallery Art at the Den.

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