Tank - Street Installation

2012, Cardboard, spray paint, plaster, 60 x 84 in. x 3 in.

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2012, Cardboard, spray paint, 15 x 15 ft.


Raptron 3000

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MechMonkey - Street Installation

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SteamBot - Street Installation

2013, Plaster, paint, 15 x 9 x 5 in.

About the Artist

Hailing from Parts Unknown, The Impossible Winterbourne is an international street artist who is known as an Old World Gentleman, SteamBot Creator, and Man of Mystery. Winterbourne uses his artwork to spread happiness and a sense of wonder and whimsy across the world. He began his work in the summer of 2012 by affixing large cardboard robots to buildings. From there he moved into more sculptural installations in parks, and neighborhoods. Today his steampunk robotic creations can be seen in hundreds of major cities across North America and abroad. In 2018 he published his first illustrated picture book titled "The AlphaBots" with designs based on his earlier street art robots. Today he spends his time making bigger and bigger robot sculptures, and delighting children and adults alike with his public appearances and performances of "The AlphaBots."

Artist Statement
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