Love side-by-side

2020, Acrylic pour on 2 canvases, 24 x 20 x 2 in.

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About the Artist

Kat Cunningham works intuitively with nature to send her message that, "We are all one as nature and are connected". As a veteran artist of 50 years, and past commercial artist, she approaches her subject matter from a graphic, symbolic point-of-view. Using ancient cultures, and indigenous rituals she blends today's life situations with past spiritual reflection. Her medium is her message. Painted textiles, mix-media collage, acrylic painting, drawing, hand cut stencils and 3 D objects are all used to send out her mission's message of Oneness. Her color, use of eco-painting, and natural textures are influenced by the many countries she lived in. From oceans, rain forest islands to deserts, the subject matter changed but never the message for humans to awaken that we are nature.

Artist Statement
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