La Mano - Create Your World, Build Your Future Loteria #21

2018, Wood, milk paint, lasers, 11 x 7 x 43894 in.

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About the Artist

East Austin artist, Mark Puente, is a Boston-native with Salvadoran roots who grew up in Guatemala. Inspired by imagery from Lotería, Día de los Muertos and folk art from around the world, Mark creates "modern folk art" with the use of a laser-cutter, transforming his pen and ink illustrations into colorful and textural wall art. Mark created Nailivic Studios with his wife and co-collaborator, Amy Exah, who assists with the creative process and lends a critical eye while helping manage the business. The name Nailivic is Civilian in reverse, and the company is rooted in the philosophy that everyone has the right and responsibility to change society for the better. Art is Nailivic Studios' tool of choice. Nailivic Studios is currently working on The Lotería Project. Taking inspiration from the iconic imagery of this multi-generational game to create new and relevant designs, this project is a tool for education, self-awareness and change. Each image provides an opportunity to explore our own personal journey, as well as reflect upon our connection with our community. The stories behind each design encourage us to consider our past, our present, our environment, our identity, our fears and our capacity for growth and action.

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