Humbled Dancing Warriors

2020, Texas pink limestone on black base, 16 x 16 in. x 5 in.

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2020, West texas pink limestone, 11 x 132 x 4 in.


Mula Spriit Animal

2019, Texas pink limestone, 4.5 x 2 x 6 in.


Kicking Up My Heels

2019, Carlota rainbow alabaster, 13 x 14 x 8 in.



2019, Pecos limestone, 4 x 2 x 7 in.

About the Artist

Mine is the medium of the ancients. With art studios in the Austin area and Guanajuato, Mexico, I think of myself as a transitional leader within my own ever-evolving opus of interpretive abstractions. Born in the fifties in East Austin. BFA from UT Austin. I live and create art in Texas and Mexico.

Artist Statement
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