Horziontal Slide

2016, Pecan, aluminum, leather, 18 x 48 in. x 20 in.

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People's Drum

2017, Walnut, aluminum, polymerized oil & wax, 27 x 20 x 18 in.


Roi's Piece

2020, Walnut, aluminum, 17.5 x 60 x 70 in.


Changed Nature

2012, Bamboo, automotive urethane with flake and candy color, aluminum, 84 x 22 x 10 in.


Jollyville Dining 4

2018, Salt cedar, glass, 30 x 44 x 40 in.

About the Artist

As a youth my most of my extra minutes were settled in the woods of what was then the outskirts of Houston, 8 miles from downtown. I named my favorite trees in different sections of woods. I sat in the tops of pines and would watch storms approach holding on for a wild ride as the wind gusted. The tops of the biggest oaks were reserved for the arrangement of plywood picnic tables with blocks of 2x12's attached to the limbs for our chairs. A grove of pines that all seeded at the same time, grew up with us. At 10 or 12 we could travel around the 5 acre area by climbing up in the pine. When it would lean over as far as it would we grabbed another and climbed up once again, then again, and again. This made for great way to race across the woods but, soon the trees out grew us and would not bend over enough for our game. Today in my work I continue to hold conversation with trees to make sure their end is the way they would like it to be.

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