Grace of Deer

2018, Wool, antler, wood, wire, 42 x 28 x 7 in.

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About the Artist

Barbara Attwell has an extensive career in the arts that includes numerous shows and awards, and whose focus is the boundary between people and the wild. With parallel experience in the field of environmentalism, a rich and intensive knowledge of nature informs her art. Current works center on the wisdom, beauty, and plight of wildthings, and paths back to our wild, holy home. This work unfolds in many formats —CD covers, habitat sculptures, endangered species paintings, graphic design, even funerary urns. Felting with wool has become a favorite sculptural medium, and she has traveled to Ireland many times to be mentored by some of their best felters.Most recently she received a commission to use the arts to inspire care for local cave-dwelling species. Her bat habitat sculpture won an Austin Chronicle's Best of Lodging, 2012 East Austin Studio Tour. Endemic to the Austin art scene, Attwell's early years were robustly shaped in Houston, through a continuously renewed 9-year school scholarship to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. This included countless hours of wandering through the museum, and was followed with a BFA Cum Laude from the University of Texas.

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