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2018, Stretched canvas reproduction (original was pen and ink), 60 x 48 in.

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Hilma In Hyperspace

2019, Pen & ink framed in a rustic wooden frame (original), 43 x 63 in.


The Peasant

2018, Pen & ink framed in a rustic wooden frame (original), 63 x 51 in.


The Empress

2018, Pen & ink, acrylic, framed in a rustic wooden frame (original), 51 x 63 in.


The Keeper of Ancient Medicine: The Brahmin Moth of Taiwan

2017, Archival print, framed in a rustic frame (original was pen & ink), 27 x 39 in.

About the Artist

Flip Solomon is a multidimensional artist living in Austin, TX. She creates large scale pen & ink works and is inspired by the natural world, urban landscapes and her very vivid dreams.

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