Construction Site with Crane

2017, Acrylic paint on plywood, 21.25 x 20.25 in.

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Park, Parking, Parking Structure, Structure

2017, Acrylic on plywood, 25 x 24.5 in.


Last Free Exit

2015, Acrylic paint on plywood, 21 x 21 in.


Powerlines with Grackles ($1.88 Unleaded)

2017, Acrylic paint on plywood, 18 x 20.5 in.


Mueller Control Tower

2017, Acrylic paint on plywood, 12 x 12 in.

About the Artist

Painter, carpenter, fabricator, finish specialist, mother, permaculturalist, gardener, roller skater, musician, chicken wrangler, pretty good cook. First-generation daughter of Taiwanese and German immigrants. Born in Oregon, grew up in New Jersey, came to Austin, Texas to attend UT, and have been in Austin ever since.

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