being mindful of the present and recognizing the past

2019, Oil on linen, 24 x 60 in.

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Parque, CDMX

2020, Oil on linen, 24 x 40 in.


reflect on nurturing

2020, Cigar box, archival ink-jet prints, wood, shellac, acrylic paint, oil on linen, 4.875 x 6.25 in. x 3.375 in.


through western pennsylvania

2020, Oil on linen, 20 x 36 in.


understanding the importance, alive

2019, Cigar box, archival ink-jet prints, wood, shellac, brass nails, oil on linen, 5 x 6.5 x 4.5 in.

About the Artist

Charles Heppner is an artist currently living in Austin. He was born in Chicago into a large Catholic family where individualism was allowed unfettered. He attended Saint Ignatius College Prep then went on to earn a degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Though always an artist, he has raced bicycles in France, had a career in finance, and is a devoted parent of three. Charles' practice includes painting, photography and mixed media. His aesthetic has strong connections to nature and spirituality.

Artist Statement
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