American Labor Pelt I

2020, Reclaimed denim, iron animal traps, thread, 65 x 55 x 1 in.

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American Labor Study II

2020, Reclaimed denim, thread, 30 x 18 in.


American Labor Study I

2020, Reclaimed denim, subtractive dyed shibori, thread, 26 x 16 in.


Daily Practice

2020, Reclaimed denim, salvaged construction debris, cotton batting, thread, 50 x 20 in. x 4 in.


Surrender To Wrest

2020, Salvaged denim, found construction netting, thread, 65 x 48 x 2 in.

About the Artist

Amanda Fay is an artist based in Austin, Texas and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Her work is grounded in her BFA focus of Fibers at Savannah College of Art and Design in which she utilizes traditional textile processes to lend meaning to her abstract works.

Amanda Fay came of age in the shadow of the Pentagon. A product of her time and place she is shaped by her surroundings. When recalling her first experience of protest in 2001 she recounts messages of unrest and unsavory predictions for the future. Now in the wake of political fear turned prophecy those messages took form to reality. Her life's experience illuminates economic disparities of systemic inequality and poverty compounded by the financial crisis of 2007. Amanda's works address current and historical socio-political themes and ideas around power and oppression in the context of the American Dream. Her compositions balance themes of conflict and class, world history and the dystopian future.

Artist Statement
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