American Flag

2018, Metal, wood, fabric, and ink, 33 x 14 x 3 in.

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Burn On You

2019, Acrylic, pastel on discarded wood, 36 x 36 in.



2018, Wood, plastic, and metal, 60 x 6 in. x 6 in.


Dance Floor Board Room

2020, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 in.


Weight of The World

2018, Brass, plastic, and fabric, 16 x 13 x 14 in.

About the Artist

Born in Inglewood, California to conservative, working-class parents, my exposure to a limited worldview remained constant throughout my childhood as I moved between cities in Texas where guns, oil, bigotry, and right-wing Christian values surrounded me. Moving to a different city an average of every four years continued into my adult life, now totaling 11 cities across 3 countries. With each stop came seemingly more varied and enlightened locales with entirely new philosophies. Ever fascinated by advertising—even as a teen, I found myself seeking ways to influence large groups of people through entertainment and the art of persuasion. As a copywriter, international Creative Director, and then unconventional agency founder, I created award-winning campaigns for iconic brands, often looking to the art world for inspiration—namely Warhol, Holzer, Krueger, Koons, and Hurst. After several collaborative art projects, my growing need to create positive social impact began to bubble to the surface in my work as I experimented with more subversive ways to inspire positive change.

As to what's next on my plate, you'll have to follow me on the socials to learn what current events will agitate and inspire my muse out to play.

Artist Statement
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