all 'em tongues, dint hear a licka one

2020, Polystyrene, wax, steel wool, acrylic, crutches, 54 x 27 x 19 in.

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Osmotic Accumulations (Membrane)

2019, Polyurethane, tyvek, steel, wire, nylon, ash, coffee grounds, sawdust, egg shells, quartz, acrylic, Dimensions variable


Osmotic Accumulations (Accumulation)

2019, Sutured cardboard, steel, wire, Dimensions variable


McFeely (reclining)

2019, Polyurethane, polyurethane foam, nylon, steel, ash, coffee grounds, egg shells, burlap, duct tape, landscape fabric, padded envelopes, 21 x 15 x 62 in.


Filling Space with Time

2020, Polystyrene, wax, acrylic, onion bag, dairy crates, 41 x 22 in. x 24 in.

About the Artist

Vinchen is an artist working in sculpture and installation. His work incorporates refuse and discarded industrial materials, transformed by degenerative processes, into abstract assemblages inhabiting a space between deterioration and preservation. Born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1978, Vinchen holds a BFA from The Ohio State University and an MFA from the University of Texas at Austin. His work has been exhibited throughout the American Midwest and Texas.

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